The high quality care offered in our quiet and calming environment will transform your dentist experience.

Be it a first visit, a regular hygiene monitoring or an emergency appointment, our team will always treat your requirements with the greatest respect, confidentiality and kindness. The clinic offers a vast range of services to address your needs.


During your first visit, please feel free to discuss with the dentist any apprehension you may have regarding a specific treatment. To accommodate our differences, we all deserve individualized and tailored dental care. Should you consider pursuing a treatment but at the same time fearing it, you may be an ideal candidate for conscious sedation. Aimed at people worried about their dentist visit, conscious sedation, with nitrogen oxide (also referred to as laughing gas), is an excellent tool to help the patient relax, by lowering anxiety and fear, improving its wellbeing and comfort. Conscious sedation allows the dentist to offer quality care in a calm environment. This technique is very helpful with children to ensure their collaboration.

Conscious sedation is simple, efficient and safe. A mask is placed on the nose of the patient delivering the gas that slightly lowers the state of consciousness without altering its judgment. The effect of the gas decreases rapidly after the treatment and is eventually eliminated without leaving traces in the body.


A routine visit consists of teeth cleaning, dental plaque removal, teeth polishing and, if necessary, a fluoride treatment. Supplementary treatment of applying pit and fissure sealant to prevent cavities may also be provided to kids.

Each patient will receive personalized advice to reinforce hygiene techniques. The annual frequency of the routine visit will be established with your dentist and will depend on your oral hygiene.


The fundamental basis for a good dental care is a complete initial assessment as well as yearly follow-up examinations. As a mouth doctor, the dentist is equipped with a wide range of tools as well as a vast clinical experience to make a diagnosis and inform you of the health status of your mouth.

The dentist will always discuss with you, based on a detailed diagnosis, the possible treatments plans available and suitable to your needs.


During your dental examination, the dentist will pay a particular attention to your gums and to the periodontium, i.e. the bone that is holding the roots of your teeth. Any signs of inflammation, such as bleeding gums, will be duly noted and evaluated. The causes for periodontium inflammation are multiple and include smoking and systemic diseases, such as diabetes.

The periodontium inflammation, also called the periodontitis, is the principal cause of tooth loss. For this reason, it is important to provide a proper treatment to all patients with periodontitis. Different treatments are available and will depend on the nature and severity of the affliction.


When a tooth is affected by cavity, the dentist will perform the cavity ablation and will reconstruct the tooth with restorative dentistry. Our clinic offers a complete range of restoration techniques that are executed with precision and perfection, using exclusively high-quality materials. The dentist will take the necessary time to inform you of the different treatments available and will help you choose the most adequate option.

Prior choosing a restoration made of amalgam, composite resin, gold, porcelain or ceramic, the dentist will take the time during your visit to explain their respective indications and counter-indications to allow you to make an informed decision.


When the pulp of the tooth is afflicted (infected or enflamed), it will cause unpleasant symptoms such as spontaneous pain, prolonged cold and/or heat sensitivity, chewing sensitivity or inflammation. The root canal consists of the removal of the infected tissue inside the tooth canal(s) keeping the structure of the tooth for mastication and dental aesthetic.

If you are in need of a root canal but you are worried about the level of pain during the treatment, be reassured that the technological appliances allow for pain-free intervention during a relatively short appointment.


Today’s research and technological innovations allow for a durable replacement of a missing tooth to maintain both chewing capacities and dental aesthetic.

What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a porcelain crown that is mounted on a screw that is inserted in the bone where the tooth was previously located.


If you believe that your teeth are not reflecting the image you wish to see of yourself, we have the capacity to give you the smile that will make you proud. Whether through teeth alignment, front restoration filling in composite resin or veneers, our dentist will take care of your personal requirements.


Should you be interested in the in-clinic or home treatment, whitening of teeth supervised by our team is very safe and will make you smile beautifully. During your assessment, the dentist will recommend the best technique, taking into consideration teeth discoloration as well as your health habits.

The home whitening consists in the preparation of a mouthpiece adapted to your teeth, in which you will apply the night time or day time whitening agent.

The success of this treatment will depend on your consistency and determination. The in-clinic whitening  will be completed in only one simple, fast, efficient and safe visit.


Dental surgery includes various services such as tooth extraction (i.e. wisdom tooth), gingival or bone transplant, etc. For any surgical procedures you might undergo, our team will ensure that it will be completed in a comfortable, pain-free manner following a humane and comprehensive approach.


Your little ones deserve all of our attention in order to establish, starting from their very first visit, a healthy and enjoyable relationship with our team, which will be crucial to gain their trust.

Our soft approach is adapted to the needs and personality of each child. The conscious sedation is a beneficial and safe practice for the children fearing their visit at the dentist.


Whether you need the replacement of one or all of your teeth, our team will analyse your needs to conceive a complete or partial dental prosthesis specifically tailored for your mouth.

Our goal is to give back your natural smile while ensuring efficient chewing abilities.


A lot of people suffer from teeth grinding or contracting during their sleep. Such unconscious friction movements of the teeth can, in the long-term, cause permanent and premature teeth surface usage, jaw articulation damages as well as oral pain.

During your dentist examination and follow-ups, if the dentist diagnoses you with bruxism, it is important to address this condition and to follow the recommendations, which may include a night gard.


If you participate in activities that may cause physical injuries, it is important to mention this to your dentist. You could wear a mouth guard while practicing those activities in order to reduce the risks and the severity of teeth-related or mouth-related (cheeks, lips and tongue) injuries.


Invisalign uses a custom-made series of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic aligner trays. By wearing the aligners your teeth gently shift into place and corrects a wide range of problems as crowding, spacing or other malocclusion cases.


  • Effectively treats a wide variety of cases.
  • Straightens your teeth.
  • Allows you to eat whatever foods you enjoy.
  • Lets you remove the device when you want.
  • Allows you to brush and floss your teeth normally.
  • Consists of smooth, comfortable plastic instead of sharp metal that is more likely to irritate your cheeks and gums.
  • Office visits only every four to six weeks.